The challenges to solve...


How can technology help us inform and inspire primary school pupils to think differently about their future careers?

Story Learning

An award-winning digital publisher, with expertise in educational apps, and interactive storytelling.


How can we help people with long-term illnesses access technologies that can enhance their care?


Lumera Health

Scottish company formed as a result of CivTech, with its team having considerable, successful track records in the tech and service sectors.


How can technology be used to enable easier access to all available SAAS funding opportunities and reduce drop-out rates for disadvantaged groups? 


Their enterprise platform - SICCAR - addresses barriers to distributed ledger technology adoption allowing organisations to collaborate safely and more efficiently.


How can we use technology to manage the property condition of communal areas in privately owned tenements? 


A tech startup that believes the collective intelligence people have about the places they live in should be the starting point for any policy design.


How can we harness the power of data to help Glasgow’s citizens reduce their carbon footprint and make the city more resilient to the impacts of climate change? 

Reshape Technology

An Edinburgh-based start-up developing solutions for a low-carbon lifestyle, with a mission is to transform how people measure and reduce their impact on climate change.


How can we use technology to track off-network Council assets at minimal cost? 

M2M Cloud

An IoT solutions specialist with experience over 10 years developing end-to-end connected sensor products. Based in Dundee, they have developed a range of award-winning asset tracking and security products and are considered leaders in this field.


How can technology help support line managers and employees to be proactive in sharing and accessing available support when it is needed? 

Trickle Data Insights

The Company lives for employee engagement. By focusing on people’s thoughts and concerns, organisations can increase employee engagement and build happier, more productive teams.


How can we use technology to make the Scottish Government pre-employment check and on-boarding process more efficient? 


An award winning 'profit with purpose 'company currently developing a suite of products to help people engage more easily with professional services. They’re committed to the Scottish Business Pledge and are tech champions for the Living Wage Foundation.


How can we use Technology to help enforce a potential Blue Badge holder exemption from Low Emission Zones in Scotland? 

Digital Blue Badge

A start-up with a track record of developing software under challenging timelines, and has over 25 years of desktop, mobile software development and engineering experience.


How might we use technology to make better use of Scotland's valuable but limited supply of high quality tree seed? We have 5 challenger companies presenting.

1 - Elsoms Seeds

One of the UK’s leading independent seed specialists and plant breeders, and is applying the latest seed technology to the Challenge

2 - Silvibio

A start-up founded by Dr Alicja Dzieciol, and is developing innovative seed technology to for better, more consistent germination and plant establishment.

3 - Cumbria Tree Growers

Wholesale producers of high quality bare rooted trees and hedge plants for farmers, landowners and forestry companies, with experience over 30 years of tree nursery production.

4 - Forest Research

Have a hugely experienced team which is focused on developing an approach to make determination of seed vigour both quicker and more efficient.

5 - Forestart

The premier supplier of quality tree, shrub and wildflower seeds, and specialises in seed collection, extraction and breaking dormancy to enhance germination rates. Its skilled team has over 25 years’ experience.