The CivTech Public Entrepreneur programme

Running alongside the CivTech Innovation Flow is the Public Entrepreneur programme

“Mindset before skillset”

In a world where public servants are faced with increasing disruption and uncertainty, new thinking and behaviours need to be adopted and nurtured. By exploring the characteristics of successful entrepreneurial organisations which thrive in these conditions, public organisations can build the mindsets and skillsets required to explore and maximise new opportunities.

We developed our Public Entrepreneur programmes with challenge sponsors in CivTech 2.0 and 3.0, based on feedback from our first accelerator, where sponsors observed that they found themselves changing the way they approached other areas of their work. During CivTech 4.0 we offered a consolidated programme for challenge sponsors with bespoke content for public services and access to the workshop programme with the companies. In August 2019 we extended its reach through a partnership with Scottish Digital Academy, opening up these courses to all of the public sector in Scotland.  

The courses cover areas such as how to:

  • Develop a compelling mission, vision and values
  • Identify and communicate the value of your team’s activities in an easily understood way
  • Spot and maximise opportunities to create public value
  • Develop and land your message

These courses are suitable for anyone involved in leading the transformation of public services, digital and non-digital, giving participants an insight into developing an entrepreneurial mindset.
 To join us on this groundbreaking programme, please contact Programme Leader Katy McNeil at